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Prepared to die

“I detest your views, but am prepared to die for your right to express them” — Voltaire


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Recently i have been very interested with violence and malice. Where does it stem from why has there been so much how does this all relate to myself.

I am slowly unraveling our history of hatred which has only but increased my curiosity. Violence is spread across all cultures, religions… well humans across the board are violent. It would seem that we are innately inhumane and we have an ongoing battle to be humane.

My history is weak and finding out that Germany was one of the more liberal countries early 1900 when it came to Jews was astounding. It was hard for Jews to escape anywhere when Nazism started to grow becasue neighboring countries where doing just the same. Stalin was running ramped in Russian, Japanese where having a go at the chines, South Africa the British and Apartheid, which by the way was also anit-semetic.

So my interest is about who was at war where, what people where trying to achieve, finding out about the many many ethic minorities that where unjustly treated and the horrific brutalities is all part of this exploration.

How is it possible to have so many millions and different kinds of people(race class culture) involved in ongoing calculated torture, humiliation and killings. In Stalin prison camps reports of guards making people eat there own faces, Asia the varied torture methods where horrific, the Serbians made Jews ride naked on pigs and shotting one every now on then while having a good laugh. The examples are endless and we dont even know the worst of it.

I want to understand why? Where does it come from? What would i be capable of if i was cultural entrenched in such a system?

It is very easy to look at it in retrospect and be convinced, as i am completely, that you would never partake or turn a blind eye to the atrocities that happen. However it is not unreasonable to say that if the large majority of people where doing it what makes you think you would not be part of the majority? I think it is arrogant to automatically assume that we would not be a part of tht majority. We are today – remember the majority think they are set aside from the norm…

This is a scary thing… what does it mean to me and my experience? What am i capable of? What would i choose? What would i have chosen if i was brought up in a home that was part of a Nazi like system and that everyone that was part of my daily experience shared the same political, spiritual and anti-‘ethnic’ views. Id like to think that i would have chosen as i would choose now! But can i be sure i would have if it permeated nearly everything in my experience is my dilemma.

The other question it brings to mind is what believes are possibly indoctrinated in me now that may be scorned on by future generations? Or even more subtle believes that are not really my own or would be looked at differently if i had the clarity of acting outside of my immediate experience… But not lossing sight of my big questions: What violence, if any, would i take part in or condone if my miliue was totally about that? Would i kill and torture with pride… scary!

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