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Life is exciting at the moment. I catch myself considering if i am actually in reality… Is this really happening to me – how on earth did i end up in this situation. Wow really fantastic and weird. Things have wielded there way around me and now my actions are having more and more impact on that environment. Would you call it power… Iv never thought of myself as power hungry but if influence on peoples lives and things around you equals that well then i guess i may just be *hmm well ‘power hungry‘. It just has such a negative connotation doesn’t it.

I want to push these buttons more see where it takes me… I am undertaking a personal macro social experiment the end of which i do not know – hence experiment not practice.

This is all uber important to me now – 40 years on this will not seem so grand. In fact it may mean next to nothing. Such an extremely short life so many highs and lows and when we draw to the end all reduces to a few simple things.

Strange that all these adventures are just playful sillinesses.

Alles Gut – Sascha


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