Social Zoo – Part 1

I short illustration of a theory about human evolution is needed to make my point: It all started in Africa where fauna evolved at a divine rate into Homo-sapiens. In Africa there where dangers, as there are anywhere, but life was generally easy. Fruit fell from trees, weather was v. accommodating and there where plenty animals to hunt. Despite these African luxuries there was a group that was restless, perhaps just curios. Whatever the reason it lead them to place’s that where less hospitable – cold, rainy, less vegetation and fewer animals. With incorrigible tenacity they steamed ahead and devised methods to concur the harsher conditions. Important to highlight 2 things in this situation: 1 – These guys where restless and curios by nature 2 – they where forced to adapt, create and evolve. These are the people that in turn made up the modern civilization.

Many hundreds of years went by and the migrated species had forgotten about Africa – the global hart that pumped them to the rest of the world in the first place. Once they had mastered the harsher environment of Europe there inexhaustible restlessness lead them to venture once more. In part it ironically lead them back to Africa. Only now they where challenged not by nature or beast but by there distant brothers and sisters primarily due to there own complex manifestations of society, religion and culture. This side of the family was content in their way of living and had therefore remained where and how they where. There was exploitation, slavery, cruelty and many unspeakable things. Many brothers and sisters could not integrate into the aggressive and technically advanced modern life style fast enough to save there own way of life. Many have come to near extinction, extinction which is a foreseeable inevitability. (Maris, Aborigines, Bushman, Red Indians and so on…)

Unfortunately they where and are forced into modern, i use this word loosely, way of life as it makes no provisions. Cutting a long story short – This behavior, in different forms, will go on until we are finally one big hegemonic people. Sounds terribly sad but things change and we must change with the times. This in its own right is also a natural process.

We would need to create big social zoos to allow differnt hegemonies to exist, interesting.

This is where i finally draw to my conclusion and the crux of this post. Fine we are evolving and things don’t always go smoothly when things change. Change is not easy for everyone. But where does it lead? We wont be able to keep cultures and people-apart so hegemony it will be. What about the rest of fauna. It is not ridicules to postulate that other species will take a hit, which they evidently already have. So, will we become one race utilizing vegetation and animals for purely functional purposes. I.E.: Only farm animals and plants as a survival mechanism because our evolutionary advancements cannot make concessions for all things that need to coexist in the same environment we use to advance. Ke?

..::.. Social Zoo sounds good to me ..::..


Life is exciting at the moment. I catch myself considering if i am actually in reality… Is this really happening to me – how on earth did i end up in this situation. Wow really fantastic and weird. Things have wielded there way around me and now my actions are having more and more impact on that environment. Would you call it power… Iv never thought of myself as power hungry but if influence on peoples lives and things around you equals that well then i guess i may just be *hmm well ‘power hungry‘. It just has such a negative connotation doesn’t it.

I want to push these buttons more see where it takes me… I am undertaking a personal macro social experiment the end of which i do not know – hence experiment not practice.

This is all uber important to me now – 40 years on this will not seem so grand. In fact it may mean next to nothing. Such an extremely short life so many highs and lows and when we draw to the end all reduces to a few simple things.

Strange that all these adventures are just playful sillinesses.

Alles Gut – Sascha


“Sylvia: We must be serious now. My stars say I shall marry a man of distinction, and ill look at nothing less.

Dorante: If that were me I’d feel threatened, and go in fear of proving my horoscope. I’m an atheist over astrology… but a profound believer in your face.

Sylvia: (to herself) What a pest he is! (to Dorante) Will you stop this? What’s it matter to you that my destiny rules you out?

Dorante: It didn’t predict that I would fall in love with you.

Sylvia: No, but it said it wouldn’t do you one bit of good, and i can tell you its right. You are capable of talking about something else besides love, I presume?

Dorante: From the moment you’re capable of not inspiring it.

Sylvia: Really, this is outrageous, I’m going to lose my temper. Once and for all, will you stop being in love with me!

Dorante: If you stop being.”

Clearly she cant get enough 😛

Having lost my last blog in the expansive sea of the www, admittedly it had expired, i have been forced to start afresh – alas like most things in life it is probably for the better. Perhaps this will add substance where the last lacked, and humor where the last was dry and have enough posts to vend from warranted deletion….